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Water decomposition of the new technology is expected to promote clean energy development

Sweden, the researchers have successfully developed a new type of molecular catalysts, but will use the sun from water decomposition of oxygen and hydrogen to close to nature to improve the efficiency of photosynthesis level. This technique can improve the solar and other clean energy conversion efficiency and reduce the production cost, promote clean energy and utility.

Photosynthesis mainly refers to plants, algae and certain bacteria in the sunlight through a series of reactions, carbon dioxide and water into the organic matter, and release oxygen ( certain bacteria hydrogen release ). All the time since, in clean energy technology, especially in solar energy, researchers have tried to imitate the natural phenomenon of energy transformation efficiency, but can not really be compared by the photosynthesis.

Royal Institutet of Technology and other research institutions in the " natural " Chemistry " published a report to say, from the efficiency index, natural photosynthesis simulation in about 100 to 400, the existing catalyst to make artificial water decomposition efficiency than photosynthesis is lower by two orders of magnitude, while their R & D Based on metal elements RB novel catalyst, can be this figure increased to 300 above, achieve true photosynthesis efficiency.

The researchers say, the catalyst has the widespread application prospect. For example, in the strong sunshine Sahara desert area, can use this technology for large-scale production of hydrogen fuel, or will it with conventional solar cells combine, improve the photoelectric conversion efficiency.

But researchers also say, still trying to study how to reduce the catalyst production cost, estimated at 10 years later based on the technology of clean energy, prices can be compared with the conventional coal and oil and other fossil energy competition.

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