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Wastewater treatment by membrane technology or capital Repeng explosive point

China water network editor's note " water sound residue light " as the representative of the field of environmental protection investment returns as the solar energy, wind energy to the high rate of return, but in the latter case of decline in valuation, capital also gradually abandoned the " scenery " and into sewage treatment. According to statistic, come nearly 6 years more than $700000000 in PE/VC to water industry. Investors said, "there will be no universal sewage treatment industry profits, but the return is more stable, can obtain stable long-term gains ", origin water successfully landed on the gem, access to capital market, with the " membrane " Twelfth Five-Year " development plan " the completed, membrane technology or will be more attention.

" 2011 China sewage treatment industry output value accounted for only 0.03% of GDP. " Envision capital managing director Zhu Jianhuan expresses to the reporter.

" China's 661 City, 33% city in shortage of water resources, 17% of the city there is a serious problem of water shortage. ' eleven to five ' planning and economic stimulus plan to promote China's sewage treatment industry development, but there are still 167 city without supporting wastewater treatment plant. " Dow was released recently " Chinese thirst for water resources " report.

Fortunately, the sewage treatment industry from four or five years ago to the beginning of 2011, the annual growth of near 50%, than the GDP growth rate 40 percentage points. Policy impetus is also strengthening, according to not long before the introduction of the " Twelfth Five-Year Plan" " national urban sewage treatment and recycling facilities construction plan " shows, national urban sewage treatment and recycling facilities, in the " 12th Five-Year Plan" investment of nearly 430000000000 yuan.

Sensitive capital smell " money taste", already ahead of chasing the sewage treatment industry investment opportunities.

According to the ChinaVenture hit the group's financial data products CVSource statistics show, 2008-2011 years, China sewage treatment industry were disclosed in 47 VC/PE case of financing, financing amount to reach 852000000 dollar. Among them, the 2011 sewage treatment industry PE/VC investment soared, reaching $558000000, than in the previous three years a total investment of more.

However, the sewage treatment industry is not a huge growth industry, but can obtain stable long-term benefits.

" In the past 10 years, sewage treatment industry, the performance is much better than solar and wind energy. Because, if you talk about alternative energy, need can replace petroleum and energy advantages, market competition is very intense, there are a variety of alternative energy in the search for solutions, the risk is multidimensional. In the sewage treatment industry, does not need to replace anything, just need to improve quality, basic technology it. " Infinity equity fund management group president Gao Zheming ( Amir Gal-Or ) expresses to our newspaper reporter.

For PE/VC, membrane technology is the sewage treatment industry by the one of the hot issues of concern, in addition, focusing on industrial wastewater treatment field the company has become the focus of PE/VC object. At the same time, PE/VC also confused: whether to enter or almost blank for rural sewage treatment market?

According to China 's latest release " Chinese Water Industry Market Research Report ( 2012 Edition ) -- China water industry policy and market analysis ", " Twelfth Five-Year Plan " period, industrial sewage treatment water pollution control has attracted much attention in the field, according to the National Bureau of statistics data show, the 2010 national industrial wastewater discharges gross to be 237.47 tons, total sewage discharge total amount 38.47%. Industrial wastewater discharge compliance rate was 95.3%, 4.1 percentage point higher than in 2005. From the emission standards, not only facing further cuts in conventional pollutants, ammonia nitrogen total control has also been put on the schedule.

With total control of pollutants into the hard constraint types continue to increase, the sewage treatment market prospects will trigger a new round of capital angle.

Capital disposable " scenery " to the environmental protection industry

" Sewage treatment industry is not generally profits, but the return is more stable, can obtain stable long-term benefits. " Sequoia Capital vice president Pan Min expresses to our newspaper reporter.

" Sewage treatment industry is not generally profits, but the return is more stable, can obtain stable long-term benefits. " Sequoia Capital vice president Pan Min expresses to our newspaper reporter.

The "water sound residue light " ( waste water, waste gas, noise, solid waste, light pollution ) in the field of environmental protection investment return, solar energy, wind energy field as a high return on investment, but in the field of solar energy, wind energy decline in valuation of the case, the field of environmental protection investment in PE/VC. " ".

Data show that, in the past 18 months, the solar industry output value reduces 60%~80%, wind production decreased by 50%~60%, and the water treatment industry output remains stable.

In general, PE/ VC sewage treatment industry investment object, including construction operation companies and technology equipment company, the two company business also has a cross, the former also produced equipment, the latter will conduct construction.

Operation of project of company representative for the first shares, Sander environment, business environment, and Veolia, Sino-French water Foreign capital company. The company and the local government signed a franchise agreement, usually takes BOT ( construction, operation and transfer ) means the construction of sewage treatment plants, sources of income mainly depends on the charge sewage treatment fee.

The first shares, Sander environment, business environment, Veolia, Sino-French water sewage treatment industry benchmarking company, since entering the industry early, power has been compared to expand, basic occupy Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Southern China and other regions of the sewage treatment market. In this case, PE/ VC what investment opportunities?

" We still have a lot of chance, these benchmarking company do what they see on the big project, we choose a small project. Moreover, big company grows quickly is difficult, it is small company grows quickly. On equity, profit rate is the most important. For example, for 20000000, can 10000000 profit is good of course, if throw 10 hundred million, only 10000000 annual profit, is not a good project. " Infinity equity fund management group business development director Hou Jianrong expresses to our newspaper reporter.

As for the technology equipment company, relative technical content, design and production in the process of sewage treatment equipment required, such as filters, valves, control equipment, the company Siemens, including GE, Dow and so on the strength of the Foreign capital company, and the Foreign capital company competitive China Company mainly concentrated in Jiangsu and Yixing. " Open sewage treatment plant went to Yixing to buy equipment, , like to the decoration of the building materials city people go shopping, walk around the street, all the equipment is neat. " Hou Jianrong hits an example to say.

In the past, Yixing sewage treatment equipment to crudely made famous, now after years of development, equipment quality is becoming better and better, those with high technical content technology and equipment companies, PE/VC has also become a popular object.

" Sewage treatment industry is an enormous demand for continued, China and global enterprises to further the development of industry, unlike some industry has serious excess capacity, saturated state. " World Ming invests copartner Xing Guoliang expresses to our newspaper reporter.

Rural market " gold " difficult to dig China sewage treatment industry is characteristic, obvious regionality; China sewage treatment industry is the biggest characteristic, rural sewage treatment problem did not get very good settlement.

At present, China city sewage treatment rate has exceeded 70%, and the country still is blank almost, rural sewage treatment market could become the future gold?

In fact, benchmarking enterprises are in action. As Sander environment first from the township, and Hunan Changsha County government launched the " Changsha mode ". By the end of 2011, Changsha County 18 township sewage treatment complete equipment installation, commissioning and start.

Compared with the city, the township sewage quantity is small, the pollutant concentration changes in large, sewage treatment facilities broad point, small scale, operation difficult, difficult to collect fees wait for a lot of problem defeats solution urgently.

" The next ten years township will be the main battlefield of sewage treatment. 10 years later, will turn to the predominantly rural sewage treatment. " Sander President Wen Yibo predicted.

PE/VC is cautiously, " rural sewage treatment market fundamental problem is who is to pay, I will not cast from the angle of investment. " Zhu Jianhuan expresses to our newspaper reporter.

Rural sewage treatment cost is much higher than the city, "the current techniques are applicable only to the city, such as in the city, a ton of sewage treatment cost of 1 yuan, the city sewage treatment plant, moving to the countryside, to reduce the relative size, per ton of sewage disposal cost will be 3 yuan. Therefore, we need to find suitable for rural sewage treatment technology, at the same time cost is not high compared to the city. " Xing Guoliang expresses to our newspaper reporter.

" If there is such a good company, good technology can solve the problem, so I will not hesitate to investment, this company is worthy of respect and support. " Xing Guoliang said.

In the rural market is unknown, big city market tends saturated circumstance falls, PE/VC began to pay attention to two or three line city investment opportunities, " first-tier cities sewage treatment operation and the competition is very fierce, the profit rate is not high. The two or three line of the city is not so intense competition, although the individual is very small, difference is big, but the opportunity better, can play a long tail effect, in line two or three city 10 projects, than in a big city 1 super project economic benefits is better. " Pan Min thinks.

But Zhu Jianhuan is inclined to the mature market opportunities, " China 's water treatment industry in Beijing ferry Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Guangdong and Shandong is very prosperous, the region sewage treatment production value add up to about occupies countrywide 60%~70%, these areas may have some chance. If you run two or three line city, wool interest rate is very low. " Zhu Jianhuan expresses to our newspaper reporter.

The membrane technology is hailed

What kind of wastewater treatment technology by PE/ VC attention? " In general, most important is the difference, in terms of technology, business model, or other factors, should have a difference. " Pan Min expresses to our newspaper reporter.

At present, the membrane technology is one of the hot concern. The membrane technology is basically represents the future direction of sewage treatment technology, membrane technology listing Corporation origin water ( 300070) ( 300070.SZ ) in the capital market, has also been recognized by the investors, the company's annual report shows, 2011 year net profit of 345000000 yuan, a growth of 94.68% over the same period last year.

" There are other membrane technology company, is in the process of the listing, by capital concern. But that doesn't mean, every film technology enterprises are very good, only a few enterprises, relative advantage, most of the technical or tends the homogenization. " Pan Min pointed out.

" We pay more attention to new technologies and new materials company, sewage treatment requires a lot of supplies, including supplies is a membrane for water treatment, whether industrial water or water, membrane has many kinds, such as reverse osmosis membrane, the membrane technology difficulty requirements is the highest, the quality or imported, this means a home in the high-end membrane technology will have the opportunity to. " Zhu Jianhuan expresses to our newspaper reporter.

At present, the domestic reverse osmosis membrane 90% is imported products, ultrafiltration and microfiltration membrane about 40% of imports, and used for the production of membrane material having 50%~70% dependent on imports, membrane technology basic knowledge in GE, Dow and other Multi-National Corporation.

According to the report, the relevant departments to start compilation " membrane " Twelfth Five-Year " development plan " ( Draft) have been developed to complete, will appear in the near future. Analysis and forecast of "Twelfth Five-Year Plan " period, water separation, membrane processing market demand will amount to 1200000000 yuan, and sewage treatment and reclaimed water biological membrane treatment market is up to tens of billions of yuan. Membrane materials and engineering will be independent on the way of industrialization development.

In addition to membrane treatment technology, focusing on industrial wastewater treatment field the company has become the focus of PE/VC object.

Last year, is committed to industrial water recycling to provide total solutions East environmental protection, access to the northern light venture capital investment of $5000000. " In the choice of business, we prefer to do industrial water treatment company, as opposed to municipal wastewater treatment, industrial wastewater treatment, simple and clear. " Northern light venture capital managing director Deng Feng recently held in 2012 at the annual meeting of China Green company expresses to our newspaper reporter, " although the industrial effluent quality differ in thousands of ways, the water processing requirements are not the same, but every scattered industry there is a huge market, scale, one billion are probably reached hundreds of millions of the. "

" Our industry is very complex, cross the industry water discharge, which is not the same as the pollution, for example, the pharmaceutical industry and the discharge of sewage, chemical, textile, paper industry sewage from different. If the materials and devices become more and more advanced basis, management system operation, in the operation of the system to accumulate more and more wealth of experience, ( will concern ). " Zhu Jianhuan said.

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